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Differentiating System Integration as a Service

Professional Services Role in Physical Security I find it interesting to note that most manufacturers in the security industry call their channel partners “Security Integrators”, rather than Security Contractors. It represents a fundamental misunderstanding of system delivery business models. Does … Continue reading

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2015 Bicsi Fall Conference – A Security Vendor Perspective

As a Biz Dev Manager in the physical security technology space, Bicsi members are an important emerging channel. This year the trade show was particularly productive. This was a well-attended conference, with a particularly good showing from technology consultants and … Continue reading

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Secure Data and Identity Management Solutions

As automated building systems become more dependent on shared network infrastructure, I.T. (Information Technology) Directors and CISO’s (Chief Information Security Officers) are beginning to realize these systems are adding significant vulnerabilities and risks to their network and sharing this realization … Continue reading

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