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Doug is a certified (PSP, AHC, LEED AP), experienced business development professional with a focus on the physical security industry. With a diverse background that includes delivering products & services through multiple channels (manufacturing, distribution, specialty & general contracting), he brings a broad industry perspective that adds greater value for his clients. Having decades of experience with sales engineering and design-build of low-voltage automated systems, he also offers a strong emphasis on technical knowledge and consulting services. His career has included responsibility for: profit & loss, operations and sales management with front-line experience in estimating, sales/marketing, project management and developing security design documents & spec writing.

Streaming 4K UHD Content

  This is a follow-up to my previous article regarding designing and installing native 4K UHD A/V equipment. I encountered more technical issues that may surprise you. If you read my previous article, you were introduced to the challenges involved … Continue reading

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4K Content is Here! Has the Equipment Tech Caught Up?

I recently setup a native 4K UHD HDR-10 projector with Dolby 7.2 24 bit sound AND WOW! what a nightmare. I thought a few of you out there would be interested in what I learned, should you try this yourselves. … Continue reading

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Consultative Selling: The Key to New Client Acquisition

This is a reasonable process map for the BtB sales cycle & pipeline management. It touches on opportunity analysis and sales strategy, where my passion lies. In this piece, I will build the case for a particular business model in … Continue reading

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ISC West 2017 – A Study in Lost Opportunity

Future of Physical Security Regardless of a forward thinking agenda, how can our largest trade organizations (Security Industry Association (SIA) and the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)) actually influence the direction of the industry toward relevance and growth? Is … Continue reading

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#ISCWest Education Session

If you are attending #ISCWest, please stop by room 307 and join me for the session: Information Security Convergence: Defining a New Business Model. See you there!

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Trends in F500 Business Practice

Generations Y & Millenials As large corporations struggle with changing demographics affecting both their workforce and clients, younger generations Y and Millenials are bringing different attitudes and values to the workplace. In response, large corporations are experimenting with unconventional business … Continue reading

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Impact of Disruptive Tech on Business and the Workforce

Is Working Hard Good Enough? We all have a tendency to keep our head down and live in our own discipline, or trade, ignoring the impact of related technologies and/or related industries. After all, most of us were taught focus = … Continue reading

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Re-Imagining Low-Voltage Power Distribution

In my work activities, I often feel constrained by conventional expectations, similar to the idea depicted above in this cartoon. The so-called “Real World” factors limiting our ability to implement outside-the-box thinking… but for one morning, I am going to … Continue reading

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System Design Best Practices for Consulting Engineers

The disconnect between design professionals and their clients has been an aspect of project delivery that I have lived with most of my career. I never truly understood the cause, but I understand better now… in retrospect. My recent consulting … Continue reading

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How is Security Consulting/System Design Changing?

Is Security ONE Discipline? In speaking with end-users, I never cease to be amazed at the expectation for a consultant’s knowledge-base and skill-set. I have been working in physical security for over 30 years and I feel just recently I … Continue reading

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