Bringing Converged “Solutions” to Physical Security


Check out my LinkedIn Group at this link: Converging Worlds – Physical and Information Security.

Yes, I am a Systems Engineer at heart! I have run small companies and large sales teams in my 30+ years in this industry, but nothing gets me pumped like the challenge of design consulting  and applied technology. I suppose some of us just keep that fascination with technology underneath the surface.

In my previous roles, my sales efforts were focused on efficient and effective applications engineering. This was appropriate in the technology landscape of the 90’s and 00’s, but is a backwards and short-sighted view in today’s world. The coming of IoT and Big Data will change the face of Identity Management and System Hardening forever. The pervasiveness of IP Data, LAN/WAN, Edge IP Devices, PoE+ Power Distribution, Cloud Computing, Advanced Data Encryption and Certificate-Based Identity Authentication… have built a framework requiring a different approach to automated technology. Companies unable to bring a true converged “integration” focus to their client base will be left behind. InfoSec, IPSec and Physical Security will become one someday and I am enjoying the changing landscape as we approach the inevitable.

This has become my passion: helping others to understand AND leverage the convergence of physical, logical and cyber security. This blog is one of the tools to accomplish this goal. Please follow me on WordPress, Twitter and LinkedIn as I attempt to provide perspective and real-world applications for these ideas!


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