Changing Face of Social and Business Media


WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc…

These services have begun making subtle changes. What I used to think was a modern marvel and the key to providing open access to ideas and improved communication is becoming something else. I don’t believe there is nefarious intent. It is more the impact of optimizing for mobile data connections and hand-held devices. These and other sites are beginning the move and the result is horrifying.



Changing Interfaces and Platforms

I have noticed many social and business media outlets slowly eliminating enhanced features and streamlining for the upcoming change. The dumbing-down is becoming a natural consequence of the hand-held and wear-ables phenomenon. In the same way most lost the individual skill to write letters when email arrived, quantity of information and access is beginning to replace content. Rich content is too difficult to deliver over the coming technologies. Are our media moguls betting we will accept greater access and connectivity as an alternative? This continuing loss of thoughtful content and movement towards written sound-bytes is frustrating at best. It reminds me of the world recap in 30 minutes on the evening news, or the idea of finding all your current events information on Twitter feeds. Personally, I would rather have one lengthy substantive interaction, than 50 single sentence, meaningless exchanges. Food for thought about the changing state of technology and where it is taking us.

Technology Based Media SOLUTIONS

I make my living applying the latest technologies to real-world challenges and in the process offering improved efficiency, added  functionality, reduced risk, better communication and more data from which better decisions can be made faster. None of this can be accomplished without establishing goals before the work is begun. Social and business media today seem to be operating under the presumption that access and connectivity will be viewed by the public as most important. Any blogger will tell you, it is all about the content when attempting to attract traffic. I have to ask the question: Is the 140 character Twitter limit a teaser to attract you to a link with more content, or are people pulling their content directly from the feed? Before we all decide a computer on a watch is the coolest thing since sliced bread, maybe we should all be thinking about the impact of the move towards tablets, smart phones and watches. How can we ensure that limited mobile data connections and device memory can deliver substantive content, instead of meaningless sound-bytes designed to incite emotional, rather than intellectual response?

Better Technology IS Good

These changes are amazing and represent huge leaps in our ability improve lives, bring knowledge to the world and improve business profitability, but somewhere we must find the vision to direct the APPLICATION of this technology towards net positive gains. Is less thought-provoking, single sentence communication better? Should we strive for a more meaningful exchange of ideas as a worthwhile goal? How do we become more vocal and change this looming trend?

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This site is maintained by Douglas Levin, PSP, AHC, LEED AP. It is intended to be my personal professional blog. The content reflects my personal opinions and observations regarding the Physical Security Systems industry and Technology Sectors. The opinions expressed herein reflect my personal viewpoint/ideas and do not in any way represent the position of any other person, organization or company.

About Doug Levin

Doug is a certified (PSP, AHC, LEED AP), experienced business development professional with a focus on the physical security industry. With a diverse background that includes delivering products & services through multiple channels (manufacturing, distribution, specialty & general contracting), he brings a broad industry perspective that adds greater value for his clients. Having decades of experience with sales engineering and design-build of low-voltage automated systems, he also offers a strong emphasis on technical knowledge and consulting services. His career has included responsibility for: profit & loss, operations and sales management with front-line experience in estimating, sales/marketing, project management and developing security design documents & spec writing.
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